Letran Senior High School Department

Letran 400


With the curriculum that Letran has designed for Senior High School (SHS), graduates expected to be.

Effective Communicators – Letran develops the communication skills of its students whether it be written, oral, visual, or digital.

Life-long Learners – The students will be taught the 21st century skill of finding the right information, learning from it, and then applying it even in the post-compulsory education stage.

Digital Learners – Recognizing the demand to keep abreast with the advancements in society. Letran ensures that its students will be able to use technology to achieve a higher level of thinking and analysis

Multilingual Speakers – As an SHS graduate of Letran, the students are fully equipped to interact and transact with foreign individuals. This is evident in two foreign language subjects in the program.

Global Citizens – Students are molded into citizens with concern for the environment, people, and society. Letran makes the students realize that humanity is one community, one society.

Nationally Certified Skilled Individuals – With the offering of Technical – Vocational Courses, Letran gives the students an opportunity to pursue employment after Senior High, armed with TESDA-certified skills to be efficient and productive in the fields that they choose.

Virtuous Individuals – Founded on the faith and beliefs of the Catholic Church, Letran encourages the attainment of values, morals, and ethics – all are which integral facets in the total formation of the students.


• Recipient of Philippine Award-Commitment to Quality Management awarded by Malacañan Palace.

• Granted full accreditation by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). Level 2 re-accredited status for Basic Education and for most collegiate programs.

• Recognized as School of the year (2012) by the Philippine Quill Awards-International Association of Business Communicators (PQA-IABC).

• Most awarded communication school in the country – with consistent awards from Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA), Quill, Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) Metro, Manila Film Festival (MMFF), among others.

• First school in the country to use Microsoft Curriculum.

• 100% passing rate in professional licensure examination for Education and Nutrition and Dietetics program.

• Presence of Home Study Program.

• Strong Athletics program – Letran Knights being the NCAA Seniors Basketball Champions.

• Complete art and state of-the-art facilities with new building (San Vicente Ferrer Building) for Senior High School classes and laboratories.

• Presence of unique academic roadmap offering two (20) paths- Pre-university and Early Career. The integration of Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) and General Academics (GA) allows the students to master these strands without taking them separately.

• Availability of international programs for internship, student exchange research and presentation allowing students to go abroad.

• Faculty members are practitioners in the industry assuring competence in subject matter.

• Strong placement section to assist the students in looking for a job

• Impressive alumni line up of saints (San Vicente Liem dela Paz), men of cloth (Bishop Soc Villegas, Bishop Teodoro Bacani), heroes (Mabini, Luna Del Pilar, Balagtas) and presidents (M.Quezon, E.Jacinto, J.Laurel, S.Osmeña).