Hi, I'm Nicolei

About Me

Hello, my name is Fernando Nicolei Esperida and I am a Game developer. I have been working creating games for 3 years and have a focus in Mobile Game Development: Construct 2 and Buildbox. I'm the founder and game developer of Nicolei Games.

My Story

I started programming when i was 10 with java, because of the book of my cousin i just typed the codes shown in the book in notepad that codes is a "TicTacToe" game and i follow the instructions in that book. After that i learn to make my own simple website with "HTML & CSS" .In 2014 i modded the flappy bird game to make the "Bulalord Extreme" game that game has a 300K downloads. After that i learn how to create a game with Construct 2 and i recreated my "Bulalord Extreme" game again but from scratch and i also created "Catch the carrots" with Construct 2 too. In last week of october 2016 i learn how to create games with "Buildbox" and in October 30 2016 i started to create my "TsuperJeep" game and after only 2 days i released my "TsuperJeep" to Google Play Store in November 1, 2016 afterthat i also release that game to Apple App Store and marks that as my first game i released to Apple App Store. In midnight of May 27 ,2017 i started to create "Kuya Will The Rapgod" a Piano Tiles and Guitar Hero like game under 7 hours and i released it on that day too on Google Play Store and June 4 ,2017 in Apple App Store. And i also have a knowledge in computer hardware servicing. And i also now a resource speaker for Game Dev using Buildbox in age of 17. I hope more kids will pursue on this career in programming.


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Created this company website using Wordpress

Letran VR Webviewmore_vert
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Created this VR TOUR using HTML,CSS and JS with Google's VR Webview

Colegio de San Juan de Letran Senior High School Websitemore_vert
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Created this school website using HTML,CSS and JS with Materializecss


Thank You 2017

A thank you for what happened this year to me.

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